• Sibenik, tourist guide about beautiful tourist destination in Croatia
  • Sibenik, tourist guide about beautiful tourist destination in Croatia
  • Sibenik, tourist guide about beautiful tourist destination in Croatia


Šibenik is one of the oldest Croatian cities in the Adriatic, and was first mentioned in 1066. Šibenik is the capital and center of the Šibenik-Knin County with 46000 inhabitants. In comparison to other cities on the Adriatic, Šibenik stands out for its location. It is located in the bay at the mouth of the river Krka and is connected to the sea by the canal Sv. Ante. In the last few years, Šibenik has developed into a true tourist pearl of the Adriatic and every year it records an increasing number of guests.

The city is full of tourist attractions, the first to mention the Cathedral of Sts. Jacob built in the 15th century and dating back to 2000. listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cathedral of Sv. Jacob is a must-see point for all guests who visit Šibenik every season. Opposite the Cathedral of Sts. Jakov is a 16th century town hall built in the Renaissance style and is considered one of the most beautiful town halls in Croatia. Today, on the ground floor of the town hall, there is a catering facility, and upstairs there is a hall where city events are sometimes held.

Near the Cathedral of Sv. Jacob's and City Hall also houses the Rector's Palace. It is an imposing building from the 13th century, which served as part of the defense system of the city of Šibenik and today is a tourist attraction of the city with cannons in front of the main entrance. Other tourist attractions should not forget to mention the fortresses that also served to defend the city of Sibenik. We will list them in sequence: Fortress Sv. Nikola, Fortress St. Mihovil, Fortress St. Ivan (Tanaja) and Fortress Barone (Subicevac). For Sibenik guests we would definitely recommend a visit to the Fortress of Sv. Ivan (Tanaja), which offers a beautiful view of the city of Šibenik and the canal of Sv. Ante and Šibenik Bridge.

The fortress of Sv. Mihovil was transformed into an amphitheater-type summer stage where concerts are held during the season. Part of the fort is used as an exhibition of museum exhibits and collections. Barone Fortress in 2016 It has been revitalized and is now an amphitheater and cultural center, and in the tourist season is one of the main gathering places for Šibenik people and guests of Šibenik. Concerts, film screenings or dance performances are held almost daily at Barone Fortress. Certainly a place to visit since this fort offers a breathtaking view of the city Šibenik and the Sibenik Canal. Šibenik is a tourist destination where every guest will experience an unforgettable experience.


Pirovac is only 20km away from Šibenik and is connected with the Adriatic coast road. You can reach Šibenik with your own car, park it in one of the many parking lots and continue to walk around the historical sites on foot. If you do not have your own car you can reach Šibenik by taxi from the center of Pirovac or by regular bus lines, which are every half an hour during the tourist season.


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